Abstract Submission

Deadline to submit a new abstract or edit abstracts is Feb. 19, 2021. Extended to March 1, 2021

Submissions are TEXT only. No figures are accepted. No files of any kind are accepted. You will receive a notification of submission.

You can upload a completely new abstract or re-submit an abstract submitted last year. All abstracts will be reviewed as new submissions in a double blind process (reviewers will not know who the authors are). Previous acceptance and format of presentation (oral, poster) from 2020 does not guarantee acceptance or specific format of presentation for 2021.

If you submitted an abstract last year:
You may re-submit the same abstract. We will not automatically transfer any abstracts from 2020 so please re-submit. All abstracts will be reviewed as new submissions. Acceptance and the format of presentation from 2020 is not guaranteed for 2021.

Submissions require

  1. E-mail address and Full Name of PRESENTING author
  2. E-mail address and Full Name of PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR behind the work
  3. Preference for Oral, Poster or Poster only presentation
  4. Ordered list of Authors (Full Names)
  5. Department/Group/Laboratory Affiliation
  6. Institutional Affiliation
  7. Country
  8. Title of the abstract
  9. Text of the Abstract, maximum 500 words