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We would like to invite you to contribute to a Proceedings Special issue of Electrophoresis, centered on topics of interest for the Dielectrophoresis Conference 2020.1. The international Dielectrophoresis Conference series focuses on the field of electrokinetics in general and dielectrophoresis in particular. The field of electrokinetics intersects microfluidics and microdevices, biotechnology, theoretical modeling, nanotechnology, and many others. Dielectrophoresis is broadly applicable, impacting life sciences, health care, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Your contribution may be either a research article that contains original results or a review article that describes recent progress. It may cover all areas of linear and higher order electrokinetics. It may be either fundamental or applied research that will be implemented experimentally, numerically or both. The main goal of this special issue is to continue a vigorous discussion of science and engineering beyond the conference itself and ensure topics of interest are captured in a permanent and accessible record.

Deadline to submit manuscript for consideration in the Special Issue in the journal ELECTROPHORESIS is August 30, 2021

The expected publication date is set for the spring of 2022. However, all papers, once accepted, will be available online for reading and citing. There are no publications fees for publishing in ELECTROPHORESIS, page charges only apply if a research paper exceed 8 printed pages; also review articles do not page any charges as reviews unusually exceed 8 pages. Open access, which is optional, does have a cost.

Please submit your manuscript electronically at and remember to indicate that it is intended for this special issue. You are strongly encouraged to contact any of the following guest editors with the tentative title of your contribution.

Prof. Mark A. Hayes
Arizona State University

Prof. Lisa A. Flanagan
University of California, Irvine

Prof. Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte
Clemson University