Early Career Awardees

1st Place. Oral Presentation

Kevin Keim, earned his PhD in Micro Engineering from EPFL in 2020 and his MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs in the same year. After initiating the commercialization of a DEP sorting device developed during his PhD, he will join a tier one strategy consulting company in September 2021

“The DEP conference and the associated community combines for me a unique community spirit, excellent science and smart people. This association is my academic home and it is a huge honor for me to have received the oral presentation award at DEP 2020.1 . I will always come back to this unique community and hope to stay professionally and privately in contact with all the great people I met here over the years. Thank you.”
2nd Place. Oral Presentation

Carlos Honrado is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Virginia, with a broad interdisciplinary background and research interests which include the development of microfluidic devices for biomedical use, label-free microfluidics, single-cell sorting and analysis, AC electrokinetics, dielectric characterization of cells and technology integration.

“DEP 2020.1 was a great opportunity for our AC electrokinetics community to come together after a very difficult year and to be able to share their exciting ongoing work. I am, of course, glad to see my own work recognized, but above all I am glad to see how scientific communication can and should be expanded into formats, such as the hybrid one of DEP 2020.1, where researchers are not limited by travelling, freedom of movement or monetary reasons, for example, in their capability to join the broader discussion and share their research with the community.”
3rd Place. Oral Presentation

Laura Weirauch is a fourth-year PhD student in the field of chemical engineering at the University of Bremen, working on multidimensional sorting of non-biological particles at high throughput.

“It was great to be at the DEP conference and I am very happy to receive the award, especially because my topic, “Multidimensional sorting of mixed microparticles using isolator-based electrokinetics and DEP,” is a bit out of the mainstream.”
Honorable Mention. Oral Presentation

Abigail (Abby) Rendos is a PhD Candidate at Boston University studying Materials Science & Engineering in Professor Keith Brown’s lab with a focus on electrically and magnetically responsive fluids.

“The DEP conference was a great experience as someone newer to the field and I am honored to be recognized among so many excellent and informative student talks.”
1st Place. Poster Presentation

Alexis Ramirez is a second-year graduate student that is pursuing a PhD in biochemistry with an emphasis on analytical chemistry and separation sciences. 

“Dielectrophoresis 2020.1 is the first conference that Alex has attended and he received a best poster award for his work on dielectrophoresis of gold nanoparticles.”
2nd Place. Poster Presentation

Mareike Prüfer is a PhD student at the Fraunhofer IZI-BB in Potsdam (Germany), I am combining my experiences in studying enzymes and their applications with our research group’s knowledge on dielectrophoresis.

“DEP 2021 was a great opportunity to meet the researchers of the international DEP community again and I enjoyed the interesting talks and lifely discussions, so I am very happy that my contribution was chosen for an award.”
3rd Place. Poster Presentation

Widad Lahbichi is a Research and development engineer in biotechnology with Laboratory of Life Sciences Electronics (CLSE) at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) under the direction of Carlotta Guiducci.

“I am also very honored to be awarded the 2nd best poster for the 2021 session of the DEP conference.
I would like to thank all the team of the Laboratory of Life Sciences Electronics (CLSE) at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) for making it possible. A special thanks goes to professor Carlotta Guiducci, who always supported me, and helped me live this amazing experience.”
Honorable Mention. Poster Presentation

Josie Duncan a PhD student in Dr. Davalos’ lab at Virginia Tech studying cancer subpopulations via DEP.

“Thank you to the organizers and attendees for a great conference filled with learning more about this field and the opportunity to share my research and receive an honorable mention for my poster!”